When it comes to e-commerce WordPress is the fastest growing platform and of the WordPress shopping systems were commerce is by far the standout system.  WordPress was not built from the ground up to be a shop and can’t – it was built primarily as a blog.  In recent years it’s been heavily modified by plug-in developers to do almost anything including e-commerce but how was it be as competing so strongly against other systems they were built from the ground up with e-commerce as their primary reason for existence.

The answer is simple.

  1. No other system has got so many developers building more and more useful tools to be used hand in hand with the base system. Since Google is now rewarding the most useful of sites with higher rankings  that it stands to reason that more developers are now turning to were commerce and WordPress to gain better ranking results to their clients.
  2. But the press is the most complete web development platform in existence and since few online stores are just an online store WordPress makes developing the other aspects of their website far easier.  The integration with Google maps, Facebook, a store locations application? What about a newsletter and plug and play with a bunch of Seo applications?WordPress is the giant amongst giants when it comes to  total web solutions.

So what do you get with a WordPress Seo guys were commerce shopping cart – in a standard development?

  1. An SEO Perfect Shopping Cart
    A Shopping cart system that from the ground up is built to please Google. You could take the same products and export them from your old shopping cart into our with commerce system and do nothing else and it would still rank better.
  2. An incredible Product Management System
    Multiple product types, simple products, products with attributes(Color,Size etc) where price can be changed depending on the attribute. Downloadable products. Affiliate products. products with multiple images or videos or even 3-D product animations.  Any way you could think of to sort categorise or display your product were commerce can do it.
  3. Upsell Tools – get your clients to buy more
    Lots of different tools to upsell your clients and to bring them back to purchase more. Suggestions on related products to purchase with their current cart items. An automatic email system that will contact in a couple of weeks to ask how their product purchase went and suggesting they come back and purchase more items. A reward points system.  A coupon system. A like this on Facebook for a small discount system. Far too many tools to list here that have been gathered together from all the different developers competing with each other to make the most useful tools to create repeat customers could spend as much as possible.
  4. Integration with social networking.
    Automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites. Like is on Facebook to discounts. Product review systems that can be managed through your social networking channels.
  5. A newsletter System
  6. A Product Review System
  7.  An import/export capability for your products,categories, orders and customers.
  8. Wholesale Pricing
    Multiple product pricing options to different customer types
  9. We Design to make your customers happy
    Web designs that look great and work on any size screen, large 32 inch screen down to the smallest smart phone.
  10. Content Writing Assistance
    Our content writers can provide assistance with product and category description writing

The price? From AU$5000 plus GST
this for over product inventory of around 300 items and assuming all product descriptions and categories are supplied by the client.

So what are you waiting for?  For a feature packed shopping cart that will be a hard working tool bringing you customers and getting them to buy more?

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