Our site was dead in the water, a victim of dodgy SEO by a so called “White Hat SEO Company”.  The WordPress took us from BANNED by Google to many page 1 results. Thanks Guys
Lavender and Berry Farm


I’d already paid another company $3500 for a website build and SEO but after one year and no rankings… I was at give up stage.  Give up on my business and my web company.  I contact the WordPressSEOGuys who gave me a quote which included a complete rebuild and SEO which I said no to.  I had a website. I didn’t need a knew one.  They insisted it was too poor to SEO and it needed rebuilding.  It took me 6 weeks to get my head around it… but then i thought why not?  3 months later, I had a new, top ranking website.  I had honestly thought I was just throwing good money after bad but the result spoke for themselves.

The have provided awesome support after results have been achieved, keeping me up to speed on how I can continue to grow my business.  Highly recommended.
Jordanna Regan


Getting banned by Google – now that was a tough time. One moment, I am making $2000 a month, the next, almost nothing. I had no idea what to do, my web developer could give no reason for the ban or a way forward.

I was referred on to the SEO Guys by a friend who had a much smaller website…. and I admit initially I was skeptical. Then I got the report from the SEO Guys pointing out that my web developer had done some things that Google bans sites for. I checked it out myself by researching what they had said on Google and it turns out they were right so I decided to give them a go.

The fact that the bulk of their fee was success based was the deal maker for me. Well, only 2 months later, and my Google Ban is gone, and I my site is already above my previous rankings on Google. My site is now top 10  for Baby Names on Google.com.au and I am doing great!

Thankyou SEO Guys.
Jasmine Duque