SEO Done right

Long last top rankings.  Penalty Removal. Competitor Analysis. All work Whitest of Hat.

Bespoke E-commerce

Outside the square solutions built to maximise sales.

Custom Web Developments

Mobile Apps.  Directories.  Promotional Sites. Event management systems.  We do it all.

After Launch Support

Going live is just the beginning.  Growth.  Help. Support.  We provide this.

  • Bespoke Ecommerce.

Whether is WOOCommerce, OpenCasrt, Magento or a custom framework solution… we provide Ecommerce solutions that are more than just a plug and play shopping cart.

Because our client know, that’s just not enough.  The top sites that rank the best do more than this.
We build into our shopping carts things that make visitors become customers, that make people buy more than they expected and to come back again and again.  We build SEo tools into our shopping carts so they rank well.

If you’ve tried an “Off the Shelf” E-Commerce system and it didn’t work out?  Try our “Outside the Square” solutions.

  • SEO, Top Google Rankings and Penalty Removal.

Getting top Google rankings is not rocket science, but it is a science.  The list of to do’s and don’t from Google is long, and it’s pretty easy to mess up.  Many systems out of the box contain lots of Google problems that if left unfixed will condemn your site to low rankings.

We believe SEO is not something that should be tacked on to a website. Your website needs to be built from the ground up with SEO as one of its main aims.

That’s what we do.

Already got a website?  We can rebuild the foundations to make sure it follows SEO best practices, and manage the external factors that make a difference as well.

Don’t leave your website on the back streets of the internet.  Change things up.

  • Custom Web Development

Some of the things we have worked on recently?

a. An API connecting a wholesaler to their suppliers via an API.  Had to be able to cope with 30,000 visitors per day.
b. A webstore with a virtual room which allows users to road-test products.
c. A business and classifieds directory for hobby enthusiasts.
d. Migrating a large E-commerce site (1 Terrabyte) from OsCommerce to Opencart.

All very different projects, but all with some similar requirements.

  • They needed to be super fast.
  • They needed to provide a great user experience to encourage people to buy, share, talk about their site.
  • They needed to rank well.
  • They needed to just work and have solid support provided after launch.

Do you have a medium/large sized web development project you need some advice on?  Talk to us, very likely we can help.

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Need some quick advice? This is the place to ask. SEO. Custom Web developments. Problems with an existing site. Ask away!

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