Received a $50 Facebook Credit offer from Godaddy? DELETE IT!

We recently got stung by a “$50 Facebook Credit” offered to us by Godaddy.  We’ve always been dubious about Facebook advertising.   Most people use it for personal reasons.  Connecting and sharing with Friends and family… the advertising component is seen as a necessary evil, but its not well accepted by users.  Still.  Everything is worth trying right?

Wrong.  We ran a small trial for a client using the credit and it was a total bust.  No benefit to the client at all.  Google Adwords are light years better.  Well…. anything is light years better than ZERO benefit right?  So the trial ended, it was clearly a bust and we did not intend to continue.

That’s when it all started getting funky.
Facebook billed us.

Even though we had not provided Facebook with our PayPal details, somehow they had them.  Perhaps in the fine print of a Terms and Conditions document we’d ticked on, this information was passed from Godaddy to Facebook…but surely the handing over of such personal, private, sensitive financial details would require Explicit permission, a no questions asked we definitely give permission for this to be handed over?

facebook-scamWe are arguing the case with Facebook that under no circumstances did we give explicit permission for our Paypal account to be handed over, or that we would be ccontinuing after the $50 credit ended.  If we had known that, we would have ended the trial on day 5, when it became clear it was a complete waste of time in terms of benefit.  Support is adamant there are no refunds, even taking into consideration we clearly did not explicitly provide access to our Paypal account, or realise that we would start getting billed for this useless service not wanted.

We intend to follow the matter through till its end but the reality is, from their initial “get stuffed” attitude from Facebook, we don’t expect a good outcome.

Our Advice?  Steer WELL clear of Facebook advertising.  Its pointless and if you are billed against your wishes, Facebook position is you have to suck it up.

Seems to me, they have taken this course, because so many people after trying their advertising, upon realising its so worthless must try to make a fast exit, and they try and grab as much money as they can as the door swings shut?

Nice one Facebook.

Superb way to deal with a minor billing problem, clearly made in error.

Update 28/1/2015

I got a denial from Facebook that they even offered Coupoins through Godaddy, that I was just making the whole story up.

“Hi richard,

First of all I apologize for all inconveniences. 
I have to inform you, that Facebook is not working with Godaddy.
Furthermore in case you would have received any coupon (only from Facebook directly and at the moment not available) you will have to enter the code of the coupon in your billing section as payment method and it will be visible as payment method. 

I am really sorry, but we do not offer any kind of coupon and especially not through third-party pages. I would appreciate you to publish the newsletter you wrote in order to make also other user aware of the situation.

Thank you,

Global Marketing Solutions 
Facebook “

Look Below Patricia. Here is the coupon I got from Godaddy.

So no, you are wrong.  we DID receive a coupon from Godaddy, it was NOT direct from Facebook, and it WAS active at the time we are discussing.



Update 28/01/2015
Got an email from Paypal.  In short?  The believe us, not Patricia from Facebook, and we are getting a full refundDear **************


We’ve finished reviewing your unauthorised activity claim and you’ll receive a refund for the transaction amount. It may take up to five business days for the funds to appear in your account.


Details of Disputed Transaction



Seller’s Name: Facebook Ireland, Ltd.

Seller’s Email:

Seller’s Transaction ID: 9U59117822843605V

Transaction Date: 16 Jan 2015

Transaction Amount: -$30.01 AUD

Invoice ID: P658923967551038

Your Transaction ID: 1AP08354L16592444

Case Number: PP-003-666-257-662

Buyer’s Transaction ID: 1AP08354L16592444

So chalk that up as a win for common sense and the little guy. Facebook, perhaps reconsider your level 1 support practices for Facebook advertising issues.

They are doing you a disservice

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