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We took on a new client this week whose marketing consisted of the monthly spend of $1350 on Adwords “managed” by Reach local. I had a look over the campaign and try as I might could find no evidence that anything had been done in the management of the campaign other than to set it up.

When setting up an AdWords campaign, you can take the quick and nasty route.  Set up a single ad, select all possible keywords that might be relevant to your target market, set your budget and then turn the campaign on.  It’s a really quick and easy way to get an AdWords campaign up and running… that will very quickly prove to be inefficient and unnecessarily expensive.

If you have someone managing your AdWords account these are some of the things they should be doing:-

  1. Setting up multiple ads with different wordings. Testing which ones convert the best.
  2. Setting up multiple landing pages that are targeted towards the specific keywords that are directing traffic to them. For example if one of your keywords is  ”men’s pants” the target of this keyword should be a men’s pants page – not the homepage of the general online clothing site.
  3. The landing pages themselves need to be very well set up otherwise Google is unable to determine the pages are a good match for the ads and thus they charge the client more for each click as they are taking a higher risk sending their clients to such pages.
  4. Conversion tracking needs to be set up and the results of this tracking need to be discussed with the client. Are the results profitable or not? What else can we do to make them profitable?
  5. Track conversions to cost depending on the time of day and the placement of the ad. An ad that costs $10 a click placed at the very top of the page may get a lot of clicks but the cost may outweigh the profits to be made conversions. An ad placed further down the page will get less clicks but the reduced cost could make the conversions worthwhile.
  6. Everything in an Adwords account managed by the client. Ignore their claims they get a good deal from Google.  You aren’t going to save money or get a good deal going with ReachLocal, even if this were true.

I’m not going to pretend the WordPressSEOGuys are the most skilled Adwords account managers you will find.  It’s counterintuitive for us to work hard at improving the depth of our Adwords management  skills when the vast majority of our time is spent trying to place our clients in a position where they don’t  need Adwords.

We generally manage Adwords accounts for our clients on a short-term basis whilst we bring the site rankings to the point where Adwords are no longer necessary.  Often if the client already has a competent and diligent Adwords manager we advise the client to keep things going with tthem until our work makes their services no longer necessary.

But in the current case after seeing the general apathy Reach Local  has displayed in managing this client’s Adwords account we have had to put our hands up say “enough!” We are taking over the campaign and will be setting it up properly, providing total transparency with what were doing, how much is spent on what, and we expect the result to be a far more profitable campaign.

If you’re considering hiring a company to manage your Adwords we suggest you:-

  1.  Insist they do so using a Google Adwords account that you have access to. That way you can see for certain what they are doing.
  2. Require them to provide reports as to what they are doing to bring the costs of your Adwords down whilst increasing conversions.
  3. Require them to provide evidence that they are building highly targeted Adwords campaigns which are pointing to highly targeted, high converting pages on your website or on any web created just for the Adwords campaign.
  4. Most importantly make sure you ask if their name is reach Local because if it is we advise you to reach down to your phone and press the disconnect call button and speak to a different company.


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