Rankings Guarantees from SEO Companies? Often Unreliable.

We can get your site to the top 5 on Google for many terms, almost any terms, within 2-3 months.  We can! It’s true!  And so can many other SEO companies.

But to achieve thigh rankings so fast…. you need to follow an SEO strategy like this

a. Add a lot of content of questionable quality to your site, so at least you have content with keywords in it.   Google will assume initially the content is good.

b. Set up some link farms.  Add sites to a bunch of different servers, add rubbishy content to them, get links to them from even more sites on even more servers. It makes these sites look genuinely popular short term and links from them valuable. Short term.

c. Offer your new SEO clients a GUARANTEE!!! that you’ll achieve them quick rankings.

d. After the contract is signed, point links from your link farm sites to the client site.  They will enjoy a short term spike in rankings.  You get paid.

e. Rankings will shortly fall.  Might take a month might take 2, 3 or 6, buts its going to happen.  Google will find the link farms and rankings will disappear.

But who cares!  You only guaranteed to ACHIEVE top rankings within a time period… not to keep them there right?

The website owner who accepted a contract with a guarantee like this? Likely their site now has a Google Penguin penalty and its going to be pretty damn difficult to recover from.

This strategy is followed by many SEO companies who lease out high ranking websites.  They buy a domain, follow this strategy, then lease it out for 3- months at a high price, all the time getting their next site ready knowing this one will surely crash.  At least this strategy doesn’t harm the main website of their client….

So be wary about SEO guarantees.  What is being guaranteed?

Usually, the only guarantee is a Google Penguin penalty

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