Stop guest Blogging? Put a sock in Matt

I generally don’t like to get involved in negative SEO.  By that I mean spending time telling Google about all the bad things the SEO companies representing your client’s competitors are doing as opposed to just making my clients sites’ the best that they can be.

Several reasons for this.

  1. In competitive niches, the spammers will build a site, get it knocked out by Google, and launch another one straight away.  Or 5 more.  There is no point in trying to tell Google about all the problems with all these sites… it would take all your time.
  2. Google should be able to algorithmically do, what I can do using a few basic web tools and my brain… in about 1/100th of a second considering the computing power they have at their disposal.
  3. Every minute I spend telling Google what a spammy job someone else is doing, is a minute I could spend building up my clients’ sites so they are better.

But sometimes…. You just have to wade in and get dirty.  Tell Google about the spammy tactics of your client’s competitors because week after week, month after month goes by…. And some of the spammers are just not caught.

[SlideDeck2 id=1362]

In a blog post back on the 20th of January 2014 Matt Cutts from Google told webmaster to “stick a fork in guest blogging”.  Why I don’t know.  Sure… it’s a spam SEO technique as it’s done just to get non genuine links…. but Google can’t seem to detect the difference between guest blog spam and genuine articles so why tell webmasters not to do it?

At the WordPressSEOGuys, we don’t need to put a fork in guest blogging as we just don’t do it.  We figure one day Google will catch up with the spammers and be able to detect the blog spam and penalise the sites doing it.  One day.   But in a recent video I suggested Matt Cutts simply put a sock in it…. because that one day has arrived.

Less rhetoric and threats on the guest blogging spam front Matt and more action please.

Update October 2014

Wow.  Google just smashed so many sites that were gaming the system(none of ours)  Finally some action that met up with Matts rhetoric.

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