The world of startups is an interesting place.  Someone comes up with an idea… tests it in a small area… then gets funding to expand as quickly as possible to corner the market before others can also get funding and jump in too.

Recently this has played out in ride sharing where the first and most dominant player Uber has gone on an international domination rampage trying to capture the lion’s share of the international market… which they are doing…. Whilst losing billions of dollars and making more headlines for their toxic workplace culture and dubious fake car schemes than their service.

In another niche (catering) we see a similar game playing out.  Presently the main players are

who else?

All competing with each other to try and quickly corner the largest slice of the online catering niche.  The market can’t possibly be big enough for all to succeed, so we are watching things play out as follows.

  1. All are madly trying to sign up new caterers, and customers.
  2. All are trying to madly roll out new features, so their system is the best, the one people most want to use.
  3. All are madly trying to get the most press, to develop the strongest catering brand.

The WordPressSeoguys are providing SEO services to Caterwings which will include product development, content writing and link building.

Very early days yet, but we are in the race to win with Global domination of the online catering niche the goal.

20th of April 2017, here we go.

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