As a web developer it’s always fun to get a project that requires thinking outside the square.  We were approached recently by a client who was running multiple websites targeting the same niche (Christmas decorations) who was having trouble managing the websites. The technologies use on both of the websites were poor and they are being updated on different servers.

In order to prove that were up to the task would tip on the redevelopment of one of these websites, Christmas Kingdom.  We chose this site because it was the lowest ranked of their websites for all of their target phrases such as Christmas trees, Christmas baubles, Christmas decorations et cetera, very quickly were older SEO this site to the top or near top of Google for all of their key phrases not just Australia wide but when combining these key phrases with major cities for example Christmas decorations Melbourne, Christmas decorations Brisbane etc

Our latest challenge was to SEO a second website (Christmas cave) to ensure it was also on page 1 for a great many searches but also to build a single admin system to the two sites could be managed centrally.

We did this using WordPress multisite and admin can our login to either site and manage the products, customers, orders at both sites from the one place.

When people ask us what could be better than one site in the top 10 in a competitive, valuable niche? Our answer is that’s easy… Have TWO sites in the top 10.

We have already achieved their SEO goals, with both sites now top 10 ranked for many Christmas related searches, from here on it, its all about consolidation.

We have a new job now Christmas Depot which will be focused on Christmas Trees.

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