We started work with the new client(VisionBedding) this month(May 2012) – traffic was not what it once was and traffic drops were in line with published Google Panda Penalty dates.

Vision bedding is a custom bedding site which had previously enjoyed high and ever-increasing rankings and traffic prior to the rolling out of Google Panda the post Google Panda traffic has been way below those heady days of pre-January 2011. Traffic has recovered somewhat but there is little doubt the site is still attracting a Google Panda penalty.

We are excited to be working on this project for many reasons. We’ve seen many sites that deserved the Google Panda penalty.Deserved it because they were not following Google Webmaster Guidelines, but doubly deserved it because their site wasn’t really very good. It didn’t provide a unique or quality service.

Vision Bedding, is NOT such a site.The provide a unique, custom bedding service where customers can choose from any one of millions of images and get them embossed on different bedding options.You can even send in your own image.It’s a unique and valuable service done really well.

They have an awesome section where you can enter a virtual room and choose the imagery for each item in the room. It’s fun, it’s visual and see unique one-of-a-kind service. The reason they were hit by Panda, were that from an algorithmic point of view… the site was not necessarily providing a good user experience.

Why? Because when you use an image library it is almost impossible to have product descriptions for every product resulting in a thin content site. Vision bedding has over 2 1/2 million items for sale and a change regularly as the images in the library change. Even when looking at large competing international bedding websites rarely do have more than a couple of thousand products. It’s very doable to write long descriptions for a couple of thousand products but for two on a half million? It is not possible.

Focus shortly to move to the product categories themselves including products such as photo blankets

September 2012
We’ve worked hard to overcome all of these issues and it’s been no small task and finally we are seeing some results.

The hard work is paying off with traffic now 50% up on where it was 5 months ago.Still many things to implement on the site, but clearly the site traffic and rankings are now heading in the right direction.

October 6 2012
We’ve got the magic notification from Google.Manual Penalty removed.Yep.In writing.From Google, we got the Google Panda Penalty removed.Stay posted for rankings and traffic updates to come.

November 12
We are also now focused on promoting some of their good bedding reviews, for example this one vision bedding review because its such a well written review, as opposed to some of those which rank well, but in reality, are just junk.

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