We’ve been working with a team of programmers in Romania for many years because from experience working with Romanian programmers provides me with the best combination price, programming quality assurance, and speed. Romanian developers are lucky to have some of the fastest Internet in the world – their team has Internet that operates at 40 times faster than the average speed my colleagues in Australia get on the fibre to the node national broadband network.  But that’s another story.

This story is about a new client, an online alcohol wholesaler and retailer www.finestore.ro.

Their website is really good.  Pleasing to the eye, easy-to-use, fast… But for whatever reason rankings are simply not what they should be.  Frustratingly there are much smaller website selling liquor on the net that source their products from finestore.ro – yet their websites rank higher.

So Finestore has called the WordPress SEO guys are sort things out.

This is a good example of a website that is in every way functionally perfect for the user but confusing to Google.  This is not something that can be determined simply by browsing the website, you need specialist software to crawl the website and then analyse it.

The sorts of things were looking for are:-

  1. Errors with canonical rules.
  2. Duplicate or poor page titles, missing descriptions, poor html structure.
  3. A comparatively lesser user experience compared with competition sites.
  4. How does their back link profile compare with the competition?
  5. What about negative SEO… Any bad links to worry about?
  6. How good is the site content and what is the content strategy currently for the website.

Straight off the bat we were able to discover a plethora of problem that when fixed will result in a fast increase in rankings.  The site ranks very well written main search term that has almost no rankings on it in the pages which is raised a huge red flag for us that Google is having trouble crawling the site and determining the pages.  If we can fix that then we expect to see fast results

Our goal for finestore.ro is to triple traffic within three months and in doing so provide them with a platform for European expansion.

It’s the end of September and Christmas(like winter) is coming meaning the peak season for alcohol purchases is just around the corner so we are very motivated to get things happening quickly.

Here we go.

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