Another service related business that without the internet, it would be really difficult to promote.  A niche service(again when compared to window washing) the cost of traditional promotion of such businesses where the target market is both globally based, and relatively small in size would make the business un viable.  As with many niche markets, there are few providers of art retreat services in the world, but the do compete vigorously for Google positioning.

Our job once again, is to obtain rankings for a client(Art Retreats International) wishing to have their site rank at the top of, in the USA, even though the site is being operated from outside the US.  The beauty of the internet is that the location of your head office may well be irrelevant when it comes to getting rankings online.

So as of 1 December, 2009 we are on the case, with the top of Google our goal for the phrase “Art Retreats”

 May 2010 – rankings achieved, site is is now top 5 on for art retreats, bouncing up as high as Number 3.

June 2011
Position 2 for art retreats now solid, and we expect this to be a long lasting result.

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