Free SEO Templates – True Experts don’t use them

Out-of-the-box WordPress is a great system… but if you start tinkering with it you really better know what you’re doing we can introduce massive SEO problems. We had a client send us a “report” provided by purporting to show they were SEO experts, worthy of fees of hundreds of dollars a month for their services.

We had a look over it, and it was almost comical how bad it was.

Have you ever received an SEO report?  Not sure what to make of it?  Put it to the test.

  1. Does it seem to be a Template?
    Check first if it’s a fill in the blank spaces template report.
    If it is, they probably don’t know what they’re talking about.

    The world of SEO changes fast – too fast to rely on a template.

    The “SEO Expert” in this case sent our client  a template based report.  It’s a template report that gets sent to us on a daily basis by SEO companies trying to prove they know what they are talking about.  The template is years old and makes reference to SEO techniques that are obsolete and harmful.  If we receive one we immediately bin it knowing it means the expert is just a form completing low level SEO pretender.

    If YOU receive an SEO report best to copy a couple of lines from it and paste them into Google. If you find lots of similar reports online?  Your expert is not really an expert.  He’s just some guy who can fill in a template.

  2. Does the report refer to dated techniques?
    Usually it will. For example the report we viewed said:-

    a.Their SEO team would also ensure rankings on MSN.

    I guess they must have a Time Machine since MSN no longer exists… this is what happens when you use an SEO template that is more than 3 years old.  The world moves on.

    b. They’d also target Was always a fringe dweller search engine but now its inexorably linked with scumware and malware so you wouldn’t want someone focusing on SEO for it.

    c. They’d do some press releases.
    Google is on the record last year advising that they ignore press releases for the purposes of SEO except to penalise sites that are clearly doing them just for the links so this tactic at best would achieve nothing at worst would reduce rankings. Again, this is a fairly recent change(last 18 months) so this out of date report still refers to it.d. Do some article marketing
    As far back as 2011 Matt Cutts said don’t do it and now he says  “put a fork in it”
    You CAN still get traction from expert blog posts taken up by credible websites…. but its most unlikely that’s the direction this would have gone.

    e. Do they offer to work on your meta keywords?
    Google has made it clear they ignore meta keywords so pain someone to work on them will do nothing more than light in your wallet.

  3. Do they say they understand code and how to make websites better for SEO
    This is a hard one as most business owners have no way to check this. We do and in this case it was clear neither the company’s CEO or the SEO experts are coders. Far too many holes in their code, for them to be coders. For a layperson to find these…. very tough…it just wouldn’t happen.
  4. Have they provided impressive results of their work?
    This is where it gets tricky because it’s really easy for an SEO company to make their past results look more impressive than they are. If you’re shown examples of client sites from an SEO company that is ranking well make sure to look at the market size.  Top five rankings on Google is not so impressive when there are only five competitors in their niche.

SEO expertise comes with no formal qualifications and past results are surprisingly easy to dress up.  If you are not sure about the bona fides of an SEO company pitching you for work then follow the above checking process and you stand a good chance of catching most of the tricksters out.

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