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WordPress SEO.  That’s what we do.  If you have a WordPress site, or are looking at changing to a new system and are considering WordPress?  We can help you.  The WordPress SEOGuys can

  1. Take your existing WordPress site, and make it top ranking.
  2. Build you a new system in WordPress. Any possible solution. Ecommerce(WOOCommerce) RealEstate and Tourism(We have our own solution). Promotional Websites.  We do it all.

What is SEO all about these days?
The same things it’s always ever been.
Convincing Google, your site is the best site in its niche is how you get in on the first page of Google.
SEO companies used to do this by buying and swapping links, getting articles published, doing onsite SEO, working on things like keywords, and page titles.

These things?  They still have some importance…. But not as much as they used to.


That’s What Google is talking about now.


How Does SEO work now?  What is Google Looking at?

This is how Google is doing it.

  1. Google tracks what people do when they search for a particular term, for example, “running shoes”
  2. Using tracking tools such as session ids, cookies, Google accounts, Google analytics, chrome and Google toolbar tracking, Google Adwords and more… Google can map web visitors behavior.
  3. Google can SEE if your site is the best site according to the usage by site visitors or not.

Your site can have all the links in the world and it’s not going to help..  A site with half as many links can still rank higher if Google can see people are more likely to stay and read more content on the other site, than yours.

You have to provide the best possible USER EXPERIENCE to ensure people come to your website, and stay there.  Google wants to show the BEST sites at the first page of Google… and mapping what people REALLY think are the best sites, is now how they go about doing it.

That’s SEO in today’s world, and it’s what we do.

  1. We work with you, to create a profile of your target market.
  2. We put a plan together on creating a website(or modifying your existing one) so it best appeals to your target market.  That might involve design, features, content, navigation..  All sorts of things.  No.  We don’t care at all about things like keyword density because Google doesn’t either.  That’s SEO from 5 years ago, and we are doing SEO today.

Using WordPress, we can provide that awesome user experience.  WordPress is so packed with tools which allow us to do it and the tools not available readily?  We build them ourselves.

So are you ready to have a WordPress site on the first page of Google?

Its time to talk to the WordPress SEOGuys

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